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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester The Great kHan24/Female/United Kingdom Group :iconmadnessclub: MadnessClub
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My art is yet to feature in one of those "terrible art" blogs. Clearly I am doing something very wrong.





The Great kHan
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
(Formerly BigMacMcpherson 4th April, 2007 to 17th May, 2012)

Hey. I've left dA now. If ya want to contact me, all details can be found below.

Thanks for 7 great years!

:iconskypeplz: SKOIPE! zombiehjw678 (Tell me who you are! I don't accept random invites)

:icontumblrplz: TUMBLEH!

:iconportalcakeplz: STEAM! hankwiththebeeniehat (Curruntly, you need to add me, as I am yet to buy any games! I do have TF2 though!)
A moment of weakness and now I'm stuck doing this.

1. For each of the first 15 people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and 3 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list.
2.  If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) on the first place.
3. I cannot self-terminate. You must lower me into the steel.

1. C'mon baby, let's do the Loko-Motion

HOLY SH!T, CLOSE THE DOOR! by Loko-Motion Homer Simpson by Loko-MotionWubba Lubba Dub Dub by Loko-Motion
Bit of a tough one to start with, as I find it tricky to find a fave bunch of images from this muppet. Loko is a pretty unique guy despite going down the path that so many cartoonists have gone down, the zany, crazy OTT style. But of course, there is nothing wrong with that, hell, if anything it is one of the most trickiest styles to conquer because despite looking like anyone can do it, actually making yourself look unique is pretty damn hard, but nevertheless, Loko-pops has managed to really make a name for himself with his expressions and zany personality. I find his inkings to be a personal fave of mine because whilst his colour schemes work really well, I just find simple black and white images can work just as well, maybe even better. A nice guy with a style that could of appeared in a 90's Beano comic (god I miss that style), this be a great guy to start out with.

2. Oh bugger, I already ran out of puns

Forced Complacency by insomniazzz Sparkly Warkly by insomniazzz Return Of Don by insomniazzz

I could write a damn essay about this guy. One of the few artists on this site whom I would happily ride into battle upon,
but then considering the fact I have reached that point of life where being told that my socks are a nice colour pretty
much makes me become melted butter...Gawd, I miss being a troll sometimes...This guy always leaves me feeling that I
done good when it comes to art, he offers fantastic insights, asks great questions and just basically is a real rad dude.

I have helped and giving him tips on his art before, but I feel his determination is what really stands out.
I have no feelings of negativity to his stuff and despite his bizzare shapes and whatnot; his BG work is what I am most
jealous of.

Plus, I kinda dig Sparkz. Not every day you have a wounded cat and can make it work.

3: Astronblackmoon who the hell invited moon moon?

Crack in the Sky by Astronblackmoon Overworked Fennekin by Astronblackmoon PEDALO by Astronblackmoon

OLD FRIEND THIS, BLIMEY. I think we met due to Madness "That's not where I got my art name from, shuddup" combat.
Astron is one of those kind of peeps who is the very definition of "underrated", a wonderful sense of mythology and
...demonology? Is that a word? Firefox isn't screaming wiggly red lines at me, so I'm gonna say yes? But what really
strikes me is her designs mostly being inspired by nature (birds especially) and I would defo want to see some of these
sort of things in a graphic novel. A real nice lass whom is nice to see is growing in popularity, defiantly a veteran
friend worth checking out


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11:57 am
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Dec 10, 2014
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Dec 2, 2014
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Dec 2, 2014
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